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Hidden Natural Spring in Brazil

  • GPS location: 20° 43' 29.37"S 42° 16' 49.4"W
  • Best time to travel : November to December or April
  • Spoken language : Portuguese

It’s time to take you to a place of unpaved roads, local hospitality, crystal clear water, and a healthy disconnection. It’s not often that you get to sink your feet into the red desert sand while taking it the slow way down dirt roads on the way to your next destination. You’ll find that your phone might not have any bars for phone calls or your social media, but as you continue your travels, you’re not so worried about the next selfie because you are in paradise, and you want to keep these moments for yourself. Whether you’re on a guided tour with friends on an offroad vehicle, staying at a small hotel, or renting a room and having breakfast with a local, you’ll be sure to find yourself at home during your visit to Brazil.

Jalapao State Park

Located in the North of Brazil, Jalapao has legally been considered a state park since 2001. The fact that Jalapao State Park is a relatively new destination makes it somewhat unknown to the masses. However, as reports of the beauty and the tranquility have been made by avid travelers who have since become enamored with Jalapao State Park, the tourism numbers have increased and helped with the development of the area. While there has been talk of paving over some of the dirt trails, it has been debated by environmentalists whether or not this would be good for the habitat. Presently, off-road vehicles are needed to get around Jalapao. With over 400 miles to cover, you’ll travel from sand dune, to waterfall, to natural springs with the clearest sparkling water you’ve ever seen.

fervedouro by Nevin Xavier ️️
fervedouro by Nevin Xavier ️️

Take a dip

The most known attraction in Jalapao State Park is the fervedouro. A fervedouro is a spring formed from underground rivers of bright blue water. The pressure from the rivers makes it almost impossible to submerge in the water, and you will remain afloat despite your weight. Imagine being your own life raft floating atop a tranquil lake in the middle of paradise. You can try to dig your toes into the sand below, but they won’t stay buried for long. If you’re wondering what the most perfect part about the fervedouro is, it’s the temperature. The water holds steady at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

"One of the most surreal places on earth. This is Fervedouro Bela Vista the most popular fervedouro in Jalapao, Brasil. I don’t think it can get more tropical." says Nevin Xavier

fervedouro by Nevin Xavier ️️
fervedouro by Nevin Xavier ️️

A place to rest your head

Since we’re in such a rugged area that’s barely been developed, there is not a lot of infrastructure in the neighboring cities. This is especially true during the peak tourist seasons like spring break and summer vacation. While you may be able to book yourself at a small hotel, some avid travelers recommend finding a room to rent from one of the locals. Not only will you have a place to stay, they will treat you like family, and you’ll likely share a table for meals. You’ll likely be eating homemade traditional Brazilian food containing rice, beans, chicken, and vegetables.

fervedouro by Nevin Xavier ️️
fervedouro by Nevin Xavier ️️

A healthy disconnect

One thing to note is that cell phone and internet service is minimal at Jalapao State Park. While it’s encouraged to just out down your device and live in the moment, it is also wise to try to make arrangements to communicate long distance in case of emergency. In the meantime, you can float in the springs with a full belly and a clear head as you drift off on sparkling water that feels like it’s from a bottle of Perrier.

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