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There will be a time in your life when you decide to broaden your horizons, and see what the other oceans have to offer. Maybe you’re stateside, and think that the Atlantic and Pacific are overexposed! We’re not saying this appreciation isn’t earned, but rather by design. They cover a lot of the world, but let’s not forget about all the magnificent glory that can be found around the Indian Ocean. From Mozambique to Seychelles, there are resorts and scenes that we need to talk about. If you’re up for the ride (whether it be by boat or helicopter), then get ready to explore the unknown with style.


If you’re looking for a break from your traditional resort experience filled with shopping malls, long lines, promises of relaxation that are often addled with stressful itineraries that suck away at the enjoyment of the intended experience, then Bazaruto Archipelago may be the retreat you’re looking for. Here you will experience unspoiled natural beauty and a rich marine life in seclusion as if you were the owner of your own private beach. Whether you want to kick back in the pristine sand and have an intimate picnic or dive deep on a guided scuba tour, you’ve got a secluded world of sea and sand to set your eyes on. Clean water and clear coastlines will keep you out all day as you explore the land as if you were a castaway (until you want to retire for the day) with infinite curiosity.

&Beyond Benguerra Island by Marita Aarnio
&Beyond Benguerra Island by Marita Aarnio

As for lodging, the resort ranges from intimate cabanas to honeymoon accommodations, to full family sized cabanas to suit whatever traveling needs you may have. So whether you’re flying solo, or bringing the whole pack along, there are so many ways to sink into the seclusion of Benguerra Island, Mozambique. Even if you never leave your hideaway, you’ll get the reset you deserve, as the lodges lie sheltered within the canopy of an indegenous forest and swaying palm trees. If the ocean isn’t your style, you can still dip in a private pool for a quality soak in the sun.

&Beyond Benguerra Island by Marita Aarnio
&Beyond Benguerra Island by Marita Aarnio

Fregate Island, Seychelles


Fregate Island takes you even further into seclusion (if you could even imagine!) for a truly relaxing getaway from everything, but with modern amenities. Surrounded by sapphire seas, 17 secluded villas cover three square kilometers of sustainable, biodiverse nature. Whether you want to lodge with a single travel companion or a larger group, you will be able to map out a trip that will be talked about for years to come. Host to the Fregate House Restaurant & Pirates Bar, you are sure to have dining experiences of pure luxury complete with access to a wine cellar or a wide array of sunset cocktails to wind down after a long day of exploring.

Fregate Island by
Fregate Island by

Or maybe the beach is your kind of preferred outing. Whether you want to view the coral reef at Marina beach, or get in on some quality snorkeling at Anse Victorin. If you’re looking for more of a casual hang, Anse Bambous offers boogie boarding, light lunches, and crushed iced drinks. Let’s say you want to hit up all 7 beaches, and you’ll also have time for Grand Anse, which allows you to explore the jungle while hearing the beach roaring in the distance. 


Whatever way you choose to indulge in your travels, Fregate Island, Seychelles boasts a number of activities that will keep you occupied. From the spa to the chapels, from beaches to jungles, from the bar to the pool, you’ll find it hard to check off everything you want to do with just one visit. 

Fregate Island by
Fregate Island by

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